Madonna Project ©

A movement to Restore the Phenomenon of the Nursing Mother

In the 21st Century, there is an absence of imagery that glorifies the nursing mother. In fact, photos of nursing moms are routinely removed from Facebook, moms are asked to take their nursing activities away from the public eye, or feel the need to cover themselves with “Breastfeeding Burkas” and women who do dare to nurse in public or whose photos appear on magazine covers are scrutinized and judged as if they are child molesters.

The phenomenon of nursing has been nearly eliminated from our cultural landscape. The MotherBaby is more than just an image – we see them as an energetic whole, as a phenomenon.

One of our goals is to saturate culture with imagery that normalizes and/or glorifies the nursing mother.

We invite everyone to join in and send us your amateur or professional photographs, drawings, paintings, sculptures or digital art of the 21st Century Madonna.

We will post them as they come in, along with historical art as well.