Piece of My Heart





Piece of My Heart Productions

Mission: Restore the phenomenon of the nursing mother.

Core Values:

  • Mother and baby are a symbiotic, synergistic, holistic entity.
  • Profound trust in women’s bodies and babies capabilities.
  • Mother is the baby’s home, habitat.
  • Nursing is a normal, ordinary yet extraordinary, experience.


  • Empower mothers through a film designed to elicit each mother’s own embodied wisdom
  • Validate women’s lived experience of mothering, birthing and breastfeeding.
  • Inspire each woman to trust her body, trust her baby, and trust herself during her journey through motherhood.
  • Reveal a newborn’s innate abilities.
  • Unveil the extraordinary inner workings of nursing that make nursing so nourishing for both mom and baby.
  • Transform the way America views baby’s first food.
  • Dismantle beliefs and practices that compromise a woman’s ability to nurse a baby.
  • Expose the many ways culture undermines nursing.